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Enjoy a new dimension of relaxation with the EASYSWING recliner
The anatomically shaped cushions on the EASYSWING armchair provide support and relief for the back in all sitting positions. The flexible headrest provides optimum support for the cervical spine and can be individually adjusted to suit your current activity – whether it is watching television, reading or sleeping. Say hello to pleasant relaxation: this is the perfect way to switch off and relax after a long day. Depending on the model, the EASYSWING luxury armchair is available in five (XS, S, M, L or XL) sizes, allowing you to order the perfect chair to suit your size and stature.
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Stressless Recliner

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it’s time for stressless. Consul recliner is one of our bestsellers.

Stressless Consul comes in different sizes as a manual version with an ottoman or in a Power version, electronically adjustable (legs and back)

Everybody deserves a soft place to land. Stressless Consul is a classic recliner. It fits easily into any home and will always give you a warm welcome. Like all other Stressless recliners, it contains the world renowned Stressless functionality and you become one with the chair the minute you sit down.

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why you should choose Stressless, about all the features and technology.


Our absolute bestseller.
The over pads filled with soft foam and height-adjustable neck support has made the Stressless Reno one of our all-time favorites. It has become the symbol of what a great recliner should be: a comfortable, thought-through and durable piece of furniture that gives you that great Stressless experience year after year. The comfortable neckrest can be adjusted up to 4 inches to support users that need that extra bit of length.

Stressless Reno comes in different sizes and colors with popular classic base as manual version with an ottoman or electric, Power version with adjustable legs and back parts.

Find out more about Stressless Reno,
why you should choose Stressless, about all the features and technology.

Stressless Reno


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Himolla Power Recliners


Himolla Power Recliner