For generations synonymous with quality, style and excellence, Boris Arcidiacono Ltd is the leading catalyst for ‘The Sleep Culture’ within the Maltese Islands. With a focus on service, knowledge and quality, Boris Arcidiacono Ltd has come to occupy a unique and trusted position within the Maltese Islands.

The company offers an exclusive collection of market-leading soft furnishing products to a growing local market of consumers seeking a better night’s sleep. And that is exactly what Boris Arcidiacono strives to deliver. Clients are welcomed, listened to and guided through the product range and bespoke solutions available. This process in understanding is evident at the company’s showrooms – a calm and serene environment focused mainly on sleep culture and comfort related products. Internationally relevant in terms of presentation and design, there is no other local outlet with such a strong focus.

Boris Arcidiacono Ltd represents some of the most prominent European manufacturers of beds, mattresses, pillows, bedding & bath linen, as well as recliners and office chairs in Malta.


Tempur Beds, Mattresses and Pillows

Strässle relax and massage chairs

Auping Mattresses and Mesh Bases

Jori Furniture

Schlossberg Bed and Bath Linen

Luiz Bed Linen

Quilts of Denmark

Leyform Office Chairs

Jensen Beds

Elegante Bed Linen

Himolla Lift-Up Recliners

Billerbeck Bedding

Stressless Recliners

Hefel Bedding

Silkeborg Plaids