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Iconic Scandinavian Stressless Recliners and German Himolla recliners with a lift up feature


Worldwide bestselling Tempur mattresses and Innovative Auping mattresses 

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Task and Executive Chairs from Leyform and Stressless


Large range of Tempur Pillows, pillows from Temprakon, Hefel and Billerbeck 


of your sleep

is important for your health and effects every day in your life.

We spend third of our life in a bed. Choosing the right bed, a mattress and even pillow is not just about a size, comfort or design, but should be based on your health condition, body type and other factors so you rest during the night as your body deserves and needs so you can fully enjoy every single day at its best.

We all are a bit different so sleep comfort should be personalized. 

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smart bases

All our electrically adjustable bases are “Smart”. They do much more than just provide good ventilation and support. 

The advantages of an Auping Smart base

  • Wake up in peace and quiet

Instead of that annoying wake-up tune, your head end rises quietly at the moment you sleep the lightest. That’s what wakes you up.

  • Connect to all your favourite devices in the house 

A good night’s sleep starts with a nice bed and mattress, of course, but there is more to it than that. You can use  Athom Homey to connect your bed to your Sonos speaker, your Philips Hue lamp or other smart devices in your room and feel the difference.

  • Convenience: easy to use

You can operate the Auping Smart base easily with your smartphone or tablet. You can operate two bed bases with the accompanying Auping Connect app. The memory function remembers your favourite settings. 


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Stressless Executive Office Chair

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Himolla Executive Office Chairs


Stressless Executive Chair


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Stressless Executive Chairs