Auping Royal Bed

– Unique design with curved legs
– Available in black and white
– Matching tables of bended wood

– Combine the Royal with our Auping or Tempur mattresses
– Optionally adjustable: with a 2-motor Smart base or the unique 5-motor Smart base. 

– Unique support zone for your shoulders in the mesh base

– Memory function for your favorite sleep- and sitting position

– compatible with Auping’s 2M(otor) and unique5 motor SMART bases.

– enjoy smart features as for example anti snoring and smart alarm with Auping’s smart bases which you can control via your mobile phone or tablet 

The Royal is available in three variants: flat, with a 2 motor Smart base and with a 5 motor Smart base.  The 5M version is unique, no other Auping bed is available in a 5 motor version. You can adjust the backrest, the lower backrest, the headrest, a knee bend and a foot lift.

Shoulder zone: soft for your shoulders

All Royal mesh bases (both flat and adjustable) have a shoulder zone.
This shoulder zone  adjusts to your lying position. The base indicates which position you are lying in: on your back, side or belly. And depending on that position, the shoulder zone automatically adjusts the support of your shoulder: if you lie on your side, the base will go down slightly and if you lie on your belly or back, it will not.

Auping Royal Bed
Auping Royal Bed
Auping Royal Bed
Auping Royal Bed