Auping Original Bed

Auping Original Bed
Auping Original Bed
Auping Original Bed
Auping Original Bed

It is inspired by one of Auping’s very first designs, the Cleopatra.

The Original is available in stock.


– 3  matching head boards
– Available in Black and white

– Combine the Original with one of the Auping or Tempur mattressess
– Combine the Original with an Auping Smart base

– Available as single or double bed
– Width: 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm
– Length: 200 / 210 / 220 cm

– compatible with all Auping’s bed bases. 

– combine Original with a flat or motorized bed bases.

– 1M(otor) 2M and 3M SMART bases available in stock.

– enjoy smart features as for example anti snoring and smart alarm with Auping’s smart bases which you can control via your mobile phone or tablet 


Straight: a sleek wooden head board
This is a minimalist wooden head board with rounded corners. The head board is lacquered in one of the ten Auping lacquer colours at our factory in Deventer. Choose a matching or contrasting colour for your frame.

Outline: a thin and minimalist head board
The Outline is sleekly designed to match the minimalist design of the bed. The wooden base is upholstered in the fabric of your choosing and has a breathable lining which makes the head board nice and soft. We finish the upholstery with a subtle cord piping.

Stitch: a rugged, modern head board
Stitch is a rugged, rectangular head board with a thick cord piping. The quilted seams create a modern striped pattern. This head board is also available in two heights and has a breathable lining, which makes you feel extra comfortable when lying down.

Auping Original Bed

The advantages of an Auping Smart base:

You no longer lie awake from a snoring partner

As soon as the Auping Smart base app hears that you are snoring, the mesh base moves for a moment or the head end of your bed rises slightly. This allows you to breathe freely again. And it's nice and quiet again in the bedroom.

Wake up in peace and quiet

Instead of that annoying wake-up tune, your head end rises quietly at the moment you sleep the lightest. That's what wakes you up.   

Connect to all your favourite devices in the house

A good night's sleep starts with a nice bed and mattress, of course, but there is more to it than that. The right sleeping temperature and the lighting in your bedroom, for example, are also very important for a good night's sleep. So use  Athom Homey to connect your bed to your Sonos speaker, your Philips Hue lamp or other smart devices in your room and feel the difference. 

Convenience: easy to use

You can operate the Auping Smart base easily with your smartphone or tablet. You can operate two bed bases with the accompanying Auping Connect app and you no longer need a separate remote control for different devices. The memory function remembers your favourite settings. This is convenient, because you only need to set up your bed properly once.