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AMSTERDAM (ANP) - Dutch bed manufacturer Auping did not have to worry for years. Since the seventies the design classic Auronde - as the most popular bed of the Netherlands - was synonymous for strong sales making the company the main bed manufacturer in  the Netherlands. In recent years, this success also seemed to slow down the company, leaning back too much and gradually seeing turnover stagnate. A completely new production structure will reinforce growth.

“The Auronde still is the base of our turnover, which of course is unique for model forty years of age”,
Auping CEO Aart Roos explains when discussing the position of his company. “But the success of the
past became ballast in the present. Flexibility and efficiency were hard to find. As a customer you could choose anything as long as it was black, so to speak.”

Roos started as CEO at Auping three years ago and has been clean sweeping the company since that time. He brought back the production of three Auping-factories in the Netherlands to one in Deventer, that was officially opened recently. In this way, production is much more efficient. “It saves 120,000 kilometers a year in wasted diesel, particulate matter, time and money. Waste that doesn’t make anyone happy and no customer wants to pay for.”

Thanks to the centralisation production is also more flexible now, says Roos. Beds are not made in stock anymore, but directly following an order from a customer. Thanks to the standardisation of parts beds can now be deliverd within three to four weeks, where the delivery used to be eight to twelve weeks.

The interventions must ensure growth for the company, that realises an annual turnover of 65 million euros with its 325 employees. In recent years that turnover did not increase anymore. “That is disastrous for a business. Without growth, there are no additional resources to invest in new products”, says Roos.

The stagnating turnover will end this year, Roos predicts. Auping currently fully benefits from the recovery of the economy and the housing market, leading to a strong increase in bed sales in the domestic market. Since the reorganisation was implemented in the lean years, the company can now respond optimally to the larger demand. “Exactly when we finished our redevelopments this increase in sales took off. Sometimes you need to have some luck like that too.”

On the 3rd and 4th of June the new centralized location in Deventer, Holland, was shown to all (inter)national partners. With a grand tour through the fabric and office the manufacturer gave an insight in the new durable location. Mr. Boris Arcidiacono and his daughter Gabriella were two of the many visitors. Mr. Arcidiacono: “It was educational to see how Auping combines durability with comfort. An eye for the environment doesn’t cancel out a good night’s sleep. The both can go hand in hand, that’s proven!” 

From left to right: Mr. Fredrik-Jan Bos (Export Manager Auping), Ms. Gabriella Arcidiacono, Mr. Boris Arcidiacono, Mr. Aart Roos (CEO Auping) 

Freek, Boris, Gaby, Aart


Spirits were high on this day!

Boris and Gaby


Auping welcome sign Malta


Auping international partners

 Time lapse video factory renovation Auping - Deventer, the Netherlands