Dreams beneath a starry sky


Schlossberg unveils its latest innovation: Celeste, the first-ever illuminated bed linen set.

Schlossberg Celeste LED lights bedlinen


Traditional Swiss bed linen manufacturer Schlossberg Switzerland has once again demonstrated its innovative strength with a world first: the luxurious CELESTE bed linen set, a combination of the finest St. Gallen  embroidery and innovative LED technology. Atmospheric lighting meets elegant fabrics to bridge the gap between traditional textiles and innovation.

The exclusive CELESTE bed linen set boasts artfully embroidered LED elements that are liberally scattered across the elegant Satin Luxe fabric to create the effect of a starry night sky. The conductors are concealed by the luxurious embroidery. The LED sequins themselves are therefore barely visible and discreetly integrated into the pattern. The result is an exclusive textile product that is made to order by Schlossberg. The individual dots of light come together to form a glowing firmament, a masterpiece of light and fabric. The interplay of light creates a radiant and sensual atmosphere – as though you’re dreaming beneath a starry sky.

The vision for the exclusive CELESTE bed linen came about as a joint venture between Schlossberg and the pioneering St. Gallen-based embroidery firm Forster Rohner. In an elaborate process, the conductors are embroidered into the material before the miniature LEDs can be attached – with none of this altering the fundamental softness of Satin Luxe. Despite its electrical components, CELESTE bed linen is washable, which means that anyone who chooses this exquisite product will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Awakening curiosity, inspiring with innovation – in accordance with its pursuit of superior technical sophistication in the textile sector, Schlossberg will be launching this unique bed linen, which combines inbuilt electrical technology with timeless luxury and elegance, in time for Christmas.


Schlossberg bedding

Bedding by Schlossberg Switzerland represents exclusive materials and expert design, uniting tradition and modernity, as well as the combination of various styles. Textiles and collections are developed with great care and attention to detail. The combination options for various collections and patterns, as well as bedding that can be made to measure, showcase the hand-made character of the traditional Schlossberg brand.

The 180-year history of the family-run company, which extends from 1833 to 2015, showcases textile expertise, innovation and tradition. Managed by CEO Thomas Boller, the fabrics created in Switzerland and Italy are, to this day, sewn and printed with the hand-drawn floral designs typical of Schlossberg in Turbenthal in the hills near Zurich.

Product Details

The finest Schlossberg Satin Luxe sateen, 100% finest pure cotton, long pile, combed mercerized, approx. 100 g/m2, washable up to max. 60° C.

The battery generally lasts 12 hours before needing to be recharged. The electrical current is extremely low. The product uses low-voltage LEDs.

A discreet USB plug for operation straight from an external battery is attached. The battery can be charged from a computer/laptop or at a power outlet.

Schlossberg Celeste LED lights bedlinen

Celeste is made to order only.