Bath Linen


A new manufacturing method specifically developed in Switzerland using fine spun and low twisted yarn provides COSHMERE with its unique softness. Due to this specific manufacturing method the towel maintains its unmatched softness and the high comfort in use over the entire lifecycle.


Bath towels


Towel Sizes

Bath towel 100x150cm

Shower towel 70x140cm

Hand towel 50x100cm

Guest towel 34x65cm

Face cloth 34x34cm

Glove 16x21cm



               Blanc (stock)                             Ivoire (stock)                                         Vanille

Blanc towelIvoire TowelVanille Towel


                  Poudre                                       Rose (stock)                                        Corail

Poudre TowelRose TowelCorail Towel


                  Cyclame                                  Mauve (stock)                                 Cristal (stock)

Cyclame TowelMauve TowelCristal Towel


                  Myrtille                                         Aqua                                           Pistache

Myrtille TowelAqua TowelPistache Towel


                   Menthe                                         Aloe                                          Beige (stock)

Menthe TowelAloe TowelBeige Towel


                   Taupe                                     Muscade (stock)                                       Gris

Taupe TowelMuscade TowelGris Towel


              Ombre (stock)

Ombre Towel


Any color which isn't stocked can be ordered. 


Shower mat and bath rug/carpet

Shower mat (thin) 50x80cm

Bath carpet (thick pile) 50x80cm

Bath carpet (thick pile) 60x100cm


 Shower mat sets


Turban towel

27x170cm in colors blanc, ivory and ombre.

Turban towels



Dreamily soft terry-bathrobe in 100% extra-long staple Supima cotton. Available as ladies and gents robe. The luxurious, uniquely soft Schlossberg cashmere bathrobe is available in classic white, as well as six other colors: For women, there are light pastel shades such as ivoire, mint, aqua and mauve. Stylish ombre, taupe and aqua available for men.


Women's sizes: XS, S, M, L

Men's sizes: M. L, XL, XXL




Dressing gown

The bath robe from this collection features SPLASH brun. The stylish yet abstract print is an artistic item of clothing for relaxing at home. The high-quality Satin Finesse provides a unique level of comfort. On order. 


Dressing Gowns
Teaser SS17
Teaser SS17
The Schlossberg story
The Schlossberg story