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Zimmer+Rohde by Schlossberg

Schlossberg and Zimmer+Rohde – a very special symbiosis. The name Zimmer+Rohde represents classic modernity and timeless elegance in furnishings. Founded in 1899, the large company creates and distributes premium interior textiles, as well as its own wallpaper and furniture collection. The Schlossberg brand specializes in high-quality bed linen. The partnership between these two companies inspired the Zimmer+Rohde by Schlossberg bed linen range.


Birds Gallery Blanc & Gris

The Birds Gallery design features imaginative, watercolor feathers, which dance lightly and colorfully over the delicate sateen. The printed design conveys a feeling of lightheartedness and ease and pays homage to the wonders of nature. The colorful feathers on Birds Gallery blanc are placed on a light, white background, whereas Birds Gallery gris is a high-contrast, grey-colored variation.

Urban classic collection example



Forte Blanc & Gris

Watercolors are the source of inspiration for this multicolored print made from the finest Schlossberg cotton satin. Colorful brushstrokes of various sizes cover the surface in a playful, mosaic-like design. The painterly style and the finely graduated colors give Forte its unmistakable charm. The fresh, spring-like Forte blanc boasts intense colors on a white background. The slightly more masculine color scheme of the Forte gris design impresses with its depth and the vibrant shadow play of the colorful brushstrokes on the dark background.

Urban Classic Forte



Jaguar Beige, Gris & Viola

The Jaguar jacquard fabric displays an abstract animal fur look. The shimmering diamond patterns on the matt cotton background appear raised and create a large-scale pattern. Jaguar beige looks powdery and light with its subtle green shade, enhancing the matt and shimmer effect. Jaguar gris displays elegant color contrasts: light, cream-colored diamonds lie on an elegant, blue-gray background. Jaguar viola is enhanced by an attractive iridescent effect. Purple diamonds interact with a green, shimmering background.

Urban Classic Jaguar



Lou Bleu, Brun & Rose

Fine, colorful stripes blend into each other, forming a unique color gradient. The delicately woven lines in seven different tones create an extraordinary look which appears different from every angle. The three versions of the LOU design feature a particular interplay of color, giving each an individual look. Rose creates a light purple overall image, brun makes the design more masculine and elegant, and bleu gives it a modern look with reds, violets and blues.Lou Urban Classic Cover



Modern Dance Gris, Brun & Bleu

Modern Dance is a modern, graphic jacquard fabric that is adorned with a subtle diamond pattern. The design impresses with the contrast between shimmering and matt elements that work together to create an elegant color. Modern Dance brun comes in neutral colors and is the masculine version of this design. Modern Dance gris plays with the discreet contrast between creme and blue/lilac and emanates a particularly feminine effect. The darkest version, Modern Dance bleu, comes in a fashionable deep violet and beige.

Modern Dance Bedsheet



Neptune Brun, Gris & Rose

Neptune features a small all-over design that is inspired by a classic mosaic. A fine contrast to matt and shimmering details creates an elegant and modern look. The pale pink satin of Neptune rose is bright and feminine, whilst the dark version Neptune brun in anthracite and brown is masculine and bold. Neptune gris is a neutral version and comes in a soft cream.Neptune Urban Classic Models



Pearls Brun, Rose & Vert

Small, irregular shapes such as pearl drops dance playfully over the satin surface, emphasizing the matt-gloss effect of the Jacquard Deluxe bed linen. Pearls brun sets rose spots on to a fine, dark brown satin. Pearls rose elegantly and subtly harmonizes rose-style points with a silvery background. Pearls vert combines silver grey dots with a light green background. 

Pearls model



Portobello Beige, Gris & Bleu

Portobello is a modern, artistic interpretation of classic damask. The elegant satin features a casual jacquard print that appears worn and even damaged in some places. The pattern plays with a matt-gloss effect and looks rather like an antique painting with its characteristic patina. Portobello beige is, with its silver nuances, rather cool and elegant, whilst Portobello gris appears in warm pink and a light blue. With Portobello bleu, bordeaux and deep blue come up against each other, creating an elegant and intensive overall impression.Portobello bed cover



Quinn Vert, Rose & Blanc

The Quinn design is generous and elegant thanks to the wide stripes. The five colors form a harmonious interplay in a modern look. The special feature of this bed linen is that individually dyed threads are used in the weaving process for each color. Block stripes that have been woven longitudinal are the result of this technique. Quinn vert is a bold and fashionable combination of coral, aubergine, turquoise and sunshine yellow. Quinn rosé is the elegant alternative featuring gold, pale pink, lilac and anthracite. Quinn blanc creates a timeless and minimalist interplay of color thanks to the different shades of gray and muted beige and white.

Quinn bed cover



Rosaria Prune, Canne & Galet

The contoured leaves of the stylised flowers merge to create an all-over design. Rosaria galet is a combination of white satin background and beige contours, Rosaria canne offers an exciting interplay of silver grey and sand and Rosaria prune mixes fine light brown with a mottled all-over flower design.

Rosaria Bed Covers



Splash Blanc & Brun

The Splash printed design pays homage to Jackson Pollock. The unique and elaborate bed linen design is impulsive, dynamic and impressive, and is inspired by Pollock’s action painting works. The satin-like material is adorned with a fine and bright color gradient that is arranged with a sweeping ease. Splash blanc is the relaxed and cheerful version with its spatters of bright colors, whilst Splash brun is more elegant and urban thanks to the gray background. 

Splash Bed Covers



Tree Gris, Brun & Vert

The Tree fabric features abstract, delicate trees. This design is inspired by pointillism with its fine paintbrush dots, which merge to form varying depths of hue, finally resulting in the appearance of treetops. The alternating intensity in which the dots decorate the satin gives the design a graceful sense of movement and elegant lightness. With Tree, the satin is adorned with light blue and mint colors. Tree brun plays with feminine shades of mauve and pink. Tree gris, by contrast, is an elegant version in a grey-blue and brown.The Tree Bed Covers




Teaser SS17
Teaser SS17
The Schlossberg story
The Schlossberg story