Q. How do I choose my pillow?

A. Although this might sound easy to many, it is very important to understand the different points that one has to look for in choosing the ideal pillow. To start with pillows are available in different sizes. In general the size (height of pillow) would be the width of the shoulder, but that's not all. One might be in favour of using a contoured pillow which is normally recommended as this fills up the neck curviture. On the other hand some still prefer the traditional pillow ie: without any contour. On the other hand, a pillow which is too soft might not be ideal either as the head would sink down too much thus bending the neck as well as creating pressure on the shoulder. A pillow which is too hard might cause headaches and neck discomfort.


Boris Arcidiacono carries over 20 types of pillows, each in several sizes. Kindly inform us if you suffer from any allergies, hayfever or sinuses, so that we may guide you accordingly. At the end it is soley up to the client to choose which one feels best, so trying out different pillows for as long as possible is a must. It might sound like quite the task choosing the right pillow, but not to worry, our sales team will guide you through it on your visit, and hopefully help you put your mind (and neck) at rest :)


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Q. Do I need to use a pillow protector?

 A. We always advise all our clients to dress up their pillows with a protector. This will reduce the chances of the pillow being damaged due to sweat, hair-gel.....etc. A protector absorbs such substances and stops them from penetrating through the open cell structure of the pillow itself. Our protectors are designed to be waterproof and breathable at the same time, and these are available in a wide range of sizes for different types of pillows. Protectors should be washed regularly so as to to maintain a hygenic and comfortable sleep all night long. Perhaps a spare protector for washing would also come handy, especially during the winter period. 


Pillow Protector



Q. How do I / we choose my / our mattress?

A. The individual weight and other issues / health conditions determine if one requires a soft / medium or firm mattress. One also has to try out the different mattresses and seek which is preferred. Always try out the mattress provided on display in different positions, that is on your back and side. One should avoid sleeping face down as many times this could cause pain and discomfort to both the lumbar region and the neck. The mattress is to contour and take the shape of the body thus reducing pressure on the shoulders, hips and other parts of the body. It is of great importance that one takes all the time required in trying out mattresses, as once the decision is taken this will be a mattress to sleep on for long hours and many nights to come. We do not exchange mattresses, for hygenic reasons. This gives you peace of mind that you will never receive a used mattress. 


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Q. Is it best to buy a double mattress for a matrimonial bed or 2 separate single mattresses?

A. Trying out the different types of mattresses is to be done individually. If a couple have different weights and body structures, it is many times the case where one same mattress is not suitable for both. For example if a male weighs 90Kg and a female weighs 50Kg it is very unlikely that they agree to have the same mattress type. One tends to feel that the mattress is too soft, while the other says it is too firm. If this is the case, then a couple should consider getting 2 separate mattresses according to their personal preference. The advantage of 2 single mattresses is that tossing and turning will not effect the partner, and also should one consider to go for motorised beds at a later stage, this would still be possible. Tempur supplies a wide selection of mattresses which are available in the same heights.


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Q. Do I need to use a mattress protector?

A. Same case as of the pillow, a protector is a must for all kinds of mattresses. Everyone sweats at night, besides all the accidents that can occur. A protector absorbs liquids and stops them from penetrating through the mattress open cell structure. Although waterproof, should an accident occur, the protector must be changed immediately as it cannot withstand a lot of liquid for hours on end.

The protectors are at the same time also breathable and cool to the touch so you do not feel warm. Available in all possible sizes for both single and double mattresses. Protectors should be washed regularly so as to to maintain a hygenic and comfortable sleep all night long. A spare protector is also recommended for washing or in case that accident does happen. It will also protect your body from bed-mites, germs and other bacterias.


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Q. What kind of bed base should my Tempur mattress sit on?

A. The more ventilated the bed base is, the better for the mattress. Also one is to consider the strenght of the bed being used or to be purchased, as sometimes the mattress loses its support simply because the base is weak. Slatted beds are most commonly found on the market and these are 50% airable, however a mesh bed is much healthier as this breaths 85% and is extremely strong taking a maximum weight of 140Kg (per person).


Our meshbases have 50,000 pressure points and therefore this will support the mattress properties in giving a great performance. One is never to place a mattress on a closed base (made of chipboard / melamine / mdf), as without a doubt this will not allow the mattress to breathe which will result in mildew (moulding) within a very short period of time. Once this happens, the mattress is ruined.


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Q. Can I wash a Tempur pillow/mattress? Covers?

A. Always look out for the washing instructions label on every item. Never wash the internal material (memory foam) of a Tempur pillow or mattress, as this will certainly destroy the product. The exterior zipped covers can usually be washed as long as the cover itself doesn't also contain memory foam.  


TEMPUR Wash Directions 



Q. Do I need to turn my mattress around?

A. When it comes to a Tempur (non-spring) mattress, one is never to turn the mattress upside down. This is due to the fact that such a mattress is constructed with different layers. Each layer has its own function and support starting from the bottom base of the mattress, the central material and the surface layer which is normally the most delicate. Turning such a mattress upside down will be a sleeping sin!


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Q. How often does one need to change a pillow and a mattress?

A. A good pillow will normally last approx. 5 years but this always depends on the kind of pillow that has been purchased and also according to the protection applied. Should one experience a different feeling and/or lack of support on the neck, then it is perhaps time for a change. If one suffers an injury in the neck (eg: whiplash, slip-disc, muscle spasms, etc) or a continuous discomfort during and after sleep, then it is also a call for action. 


A Tempur mattress would normally last 15+ years if it has been protected. Should a person have a drastic change in their life, whether being an issue of weight or developing a health condition, it might be time to check  whether the mattress is still the right one. If you're no longer comfortable, waking up stiff and sore, or tossing and turning a lot at night, these are all signs that the mattress and possibly also bed base are no longer right for you.


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