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Travel, work and rest with the benefit of TEMPUR support throughout the day. With a range of high quality products suited to a variety of needs and activities, these TEMPUR Home & Travel items have been developed to help you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.


TEMPUR Home and Travel




The Travel Pillow

Take you favourite pillow with you when you are away from home - its has the same shape and function as the Original Pillow by TEMPUR, but is half the width. This pillow is supplied with a travel bag which compresses the volume 70% when packed. 


Size: 25x31x10/7 cm

travel pillows




The Travel Set 

Offers a portable sleep system for all those who can not leave home without their TEMPUR mattress and pillow. The lightweight set consists of a travel topper and a travel pillow packed into a convenient carrier bag on wheels.


Size: 70x200x3.5 cm

TEMPUR Travel Set




 The Universal Pillow

A semi-circular pillow for all-round use when you need extra support. Ideal for use under the knees, arms, ankles, the lumbar region or the neck.


Size: 35x20x10 cm


TEMPUR Universal Pillow



The Seat Cushion

This cushion distributes your weight more evenly over the surface, improving comfort and reducing numbness whilst sitting. Can be used on most chairs.


Size: 40x40x5 cm


TEMPUR Seat Cushion




The Seat Wedge

Designed to help relieve pressure on the back. Due to its shape, the seat wedge pushes the pelvis forward, which helps bring your back to an upright posture. Ideal for everybody working for long periods of time in a sitting position, especially computer users. 


Size: 40x40x9/1 cm


TEMPUR Seat Wedge






The Lumbar Support

The anatomical shape, the variable height adjustments and the supportive properties of the TEMPUR material combine to ensure that it fits comfortable to the curve of our spine for optimum support. Ideally combined with the Seat Cushion by TEMPUR or the Seat Wedge by TEMPUR.


Size: 36x36x7 cm


TEMPUR Lumbar Support





The Transit Lumbar Support

A handy lumbar support for use while travelling or at home. Simply place it between the chair and your back in your preferred sitting position. 


Size: 30x25x6 cm


TEMPUR Transit Lumbar Support




 Transit Pillow

Designed to fit across your shoulders, the TEMPUR Transit Pillow gently supports the head and neck allowing you to sleep more comfortably when traveling.  Because the temperature sensitive visco-elastic filling forms to you with minimum counter pressure, you instinctively relax.  The soft grey fabric cover is also removable for washing.


Size: 30x28x11 cm


TEMPUR Transit Pillow






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Tempur Weightless advert 2015
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