6 tips to choosing your perfect quilt


I recently dragged my quilt out of hibernation. Although it’s not really woolly jumper time yet, the nights have become fresher and I’m ready to start cosying up in bed.

I bought my quilt 8 years ago and at the time just went for the first one I found since I was moving in on a freezing cold February day. I have recently discovered, however, that I could have put a lot more thought into my choice. So I asked bedding “guru” Gabriella Arcidiacono to give me a few tips about what to consider when the time comes to purchase my next one.

Here is her list of points to think about:


  1. What is the size of the bed? For two people sharing Gaby recommends a drop of minimum 30cm down either side of the bed to avoid a tug of war at night, preferably 40cm as long as the bed isn't too low.
  2. What is your normal body temperature like? Are you more prone to feeling cold or hot? Is a lady going through menopause or does someone suffer from poor circulation?

  3. What is your home’s insulation like? Do you operate air conditioning or central heating? Do you like to sleep with the windows open? Fresh, cold air and a warm quilt is the ideal environment.

  4. Do you suffer from allergies?  There’s a big misconception about allergies to feather & down!! Many people think they are allergic to them when in fact it’s more likely that they have developed allergies to the mites accrued over the years inside the quilts. Soft down-filled quilts are the best option and now these can be found in anti-mite versions. All quilts stocked by Boris Arcidiacono only contain the softest goose down.

  5. How frequently do you wash your quilt? To maintain its integrity you need to ensure that it is cleaned properly in a large enough machine so don’t be tempted to take shortcuts at home with very large quilts.

  6. Although the concept of two single quilts on a double bed is not popular in the Maltese market, as it is not as aesthetically pleasing as one double, Gaby still suggests adapting to the habits of Northern and Central Europeans. This is the best solution for a couple so that each chooses the material and weight that they are happy and comfortable with at night.


3 top European bedding brands are represented by Boris Arcidiacono:

Austrian bedding specialists Hefel offer a varied range that includes Klima Control Comfort, Cashmere Dream, Pure Silk, Wellness Vitasan, Premium Down and Tencel Down. Each range is offered in different warmths and each type in a variety of sizes.  And if they don’t have exactly what you’re after in stock, they can order it for you with an added bonus of short delivery times.

Many of the Hefel quilts are also available in their “body fit” shape.  These are designed to fit the shape of the body and eliminate larger empty spaces under the quilt which are harder to warm up. The ultimate warm, snug feeling!

HEFEL quilt



Danish company Quilts of Denmark were determined to produce functional down bedding which would actively help provide healthy sleep. Out of this vision came TEMPRAKON®, the temperature-regulating down bedding that revolutionised the market. Originally, the temperature regulating material in TEMPRAKON® was developed by NASA for astronauts’ space suits. They improved this technology so that it could be used to give you a better sleep by ways of temperature-controlled quilts, pillows and toppers. 


Temprakon temperature controlled quilts duvets pillows


Billerbeck Betten Union Gmbh & Co. KG is renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality bedding with its registered office in Kraichtal, Germany. Since 1921, they have been producing duvets, pillows, mattress protectors and other bedding products using recognised fillings and covering materials. To attain their idea of the perfect night’s sleep, Billerbeck create branded articles of the highest quality, both in terms of materials and the environmentally responsible manufacturing processes they employ. Since November 2011, billerbeck has been the world market leader among SMEs in the bedding industry. The range at Boris Arcidiacono includes Nordic and Siberian goose down, pure new wool and a velvety-feel microfibre. 


Billerbeck luxury exclusive duvets quilts pillows


Pop in to Boris Arcidiacono on Tower Road in Sliema and let Gaby and her team recommend the perfect quilt for you to get cosy this winter.


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