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Functional QUARTETT armchair for total comfort
Treat yourself to moments of true relaxation with a multi-functional chair from himolla. Whether you are watching television, reading or enjoying a short break from your everyday life, the innovative QUARTETT recliner will provide an excellent level of comfort. The five different versions each give you the freedom to create a sitting or reclining experience that is customised to your preferences. For the versions with an electric motor, all you need to do is press a button and the chair will move into your chosen comfortable position – it can also provide assistance when it comes to standing up via the corresponding function.
A recliner with a great range of features
The basic version of the chair allows you to adjust the backrest and leg rest separately from one another by simply adjusting your weight. The electric model offers additional convenience. A 24 V motor helps you to seamlessly position the backrest and leg rest. Meanwhile, the third version of the QUARTETT chair boasts an additional electric Lift & Rise function. If you want to adjust the leg rest and backrest separately with a motor, your should opt for the fourth version of the chair. It comes with two 24 V motors, which you can operate separately. Enjoy the utmost in comfort with model “Y”. It combines the separate electric adjustment of the backrest and leg rest with an electric Lift & Rise function.
Plenty of freedom to customise your chair
The wide range of high-quality covers available ensures that you can seamlessly integrate the versatile armchair from furniture manufacturer himolla into your lounge. If you opt for genuine leather, you can choose between popular shades such as Balsa, Canyon, Marble, Merlot and Chocolate. Or opt for a durable cover fabric which perfectly matches your living room.
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Himolla 9874


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