himolla easyswing

himolla EASYSWING: the comfortable recliner with style
It doesn’t matter whether you want to read in peace, watch television or sleep in your living room: you can truly switch off and recover from the stress of your everyday life with the comfortable himolla EASYSWING chair. Thanks to the manually adjustable headrest, you can always sit or lie down comfortably. Depending on the model of the EASYSWING chair, you can recline into your desired position either manually or electrically. And the special thing about this chair: there are hundreds of ways to adapt the EASYSWING chair from himolla to your individual requirements.
Customised armchair: create an EASYSWING to tick your boxes
You can adapt the piece of furniture to your own requirements in terms of both its appearance and its features. EASYSWING is available in three sizes (S, M and L) and with six different base plates. Choose between a plate made of stainless steel or in a stainless steel finish; or opt for a stainless steel plate with a wooden ring, a wooden plate, a covered plate or a star base. In the case of the wooden swivel plate, you can choose between beech, walnut or wild oak. In addition, there are three different seat tensions available for the EASYSWING recliner for your own personal seating comfort. And then there are three different options with regard to the modern technology of the recliner: The chair can be reclined manually or fitted with one or two motors. The remote control allows you to conveniently control the armchair from himolla.
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Himolla 7317


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Item No: 5055
2 Motors
Lift and Rise Feature
Leather colour: Soft Wolke

Boris Arcidiacono - Himolla - Recliner - 7317