himolla EASYSWING: enjoy pure relaxation

Ergonomic chairs from himolla impress with their combination of modern design, excellent seating comfort and sophisticated technology. This is especially true of the himolla EASYSWING, which invites you to switch off and relax at first glance with its comfortable appearance. It is a first-rate eye-catcher for any modern suite.

Enjoy a new dimension of relaxation with the EASYSWING recliner

The anatomically shaped cushions on the EASYSWING armchair provide support and relief for the back in all sitting positions. The flexible headrest provides optimum support for the cervical spine and can be individually adjusted to suit your current activity – whether it is watching television, reading or sleeping. Say hello to pleasant relaxation: this is the perfect way to switch off and relax after a long day. Depending on the model, the EASYSWING luxury armchair is available in five (XS, S, M, L or XL) sizes, allowing you to order the perfect chair to suit your size and stature.

Find the perfect position with ease

There are five options regarding the convenient adjustment of the desired sitting or reclining position: manual, one motor, two motors, one motor with Lift & Rise or three motors with Lift & Rise. The himolla EASYSWING also offers plenty of design options: there are ten different base plates available – in anthracite, in stainless steel or a stainless steel finish, as a stainless steel plate with a wooden ring, as a covered base plate or as a star base.
STOCK availability in colors as below:

Soft Latte

Quantity:  1

(size: Medium | 2 Motors lift and rise)
Finish and color: Soft Latte 22 - leather

In stock

soft_latte 22


Quantity:  1

(size: Medium | 2 Motors lift and rise)
Finish and color: Rustika Wolke 22 - leather

Available mid of August 

rustika_wolke 22
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