Comfort has a name: CUMULUS VARIOFLEX recliner

Let you mind wander and enjoy some relaxation on your new CUMULUS VARIOFLEX recliner. The chair impresses with its soft, snugly cushioning and excellent design, which can be integrated into any furnishing style. Whether it is in the living room or as an oasis of calm in the bedroom: this upholstered chair cuts a fine figure wherever it is placed and invites you to linger!

Well-thought-out right down to the smallest detail

Nothing has been left to chance with regard to the design of the VarioFlex chair. The upholstered furniture features a one-level, manual adjustment of the leg rest, which can be used to bring your recliner into your preferred sitting position. Furthermore, you benefit from a headrest adjustment with a convenient mechanism, which offers further benefits. The high-quality no-sag sprung interior and the backrest which can be reclined right down to the horizontal position provide additional seating comfort. Good to know: the electrical elements on the VarioFlex chair are interference-free and are also safe for use by people with pacemakers (please consult your doctor first).

A range of versions to choose from

The VarioFlex chair is available in six different versions. Choose between the manual version or a version with one or two motors – either with or without the Lift & Rise function. There is also a CUMULUS VARIOFLEX chair bed with three motors for the additional adjustment of the seat angle. Furthermore, you can choose between two sizes, so that your new favourite chair fits your body shape perfectly. An extra-large chair for people taller than 190 centimetres completes the extensive range of chairs.

When the Heart Feature is activated the recliner lifts up your legs and moves down the back and head part of the chair. This body position allows more blood flow to the heart, which doesn't need to work/pump so extensively as in a normal sitting or standing body position.