Motorized 3M smart base

For some time now we have been hindered by the scarcity on the global market of electronic chips. Because there is currently no prospect of new deliveries, we unfortunately had to decide to remove the Auping Connect module from our Smart base. You can use all standard functionalities of the adjustable bed base via the supplied remote control, but additional functionalities such as the smart alarm clock and anti-snoring function are unfortunately no longer possible. —

  • Suitable for: all beds and box springs  
  • Colour: Deep black  
  • Adjustable parts: back section, foot section, knee section, head section  
  • Including all Smart functions  

With the Auping Electric Adjustable Bed Base 3M you can electrically adjust the back part, foot section and head section. This Smart base offers the most comfort of all Smart bases.  For an optimal sitting position, you can also adjust the head end, allowing your neck muscles to relax completely. So you do not need that extra pillow behind your head for extra comfort. 

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Back in 1888, Johannes Albertus Auping was a hard-working blacksmith in Deventer, who did not shy away from any challenge. When the director of a hospital asked him for a ventilating bed, he created a woven mesh mattress. He did this by attaching iron wires to the cutting plate of a bean mill, and then rotating it along an axis. This resulted in a beautiful braiding piece. Later on, he ensured that the bed base became flexible.
Big improvements sometimes come in small steps. In 1963, for example, the steel wire was no longer stretched lengthwise, but widthwise. This change in turn led to the invention of adjustable bed bases at Auping.

The advantages of an Auping Smart base:

You no longer lie awake from a snoring partner

As soon as the Auping Smart base app hears that you are snoring, the mesh base moves for a moment or the head end of your bed rises slightly. This allows you to breathe freely again. And it's nice and quiet again in the bedroom.

Wake up in peace and quiet

Instead of that annoying wake-up tune, your head end rises quietly at the moment you sleep the lightest. That's what wakes you up.   

Connect to all your favourite devices in the house

A good night's sleep starts with a nice bed and mattress, of course, but there is more to it than that. The right sleeping temperature and the lighting in your bedroom, for example, are also very important for a good night's sleep. So use  Athom Homey to connect your bed to your Sonos speaker, your Philips Hue lamp or other smart devices in your room and feel the difference. 

Convenience: easy to use

You can operate the Auping Smart base easily with your smartphone or tablet. You can operate two bed bases with the accompanying Auping Connect app and you no longer need a separate remote control for different devices. The memory function remembers your favourite settings. This is convenient, because you only need to set up your bed properly once. 

Product Specification

Electric adjustable bed base - Smart base 2M


2 motor mesh base


Comes in different sizes. Breadth: 70 - 140 cm. Width: 190 - 220 cm.


Compatible with all standard size beds


Reinforced steel


Powder coating


Deep black

Maximum load

140 kg.

Adjustable back section


Adjustable foot section


Seat section


Bends at knee


Head support





Auping ensures a 35-year guarantee on wire and frame breakage on all Auping mesh bases and box spring frames. All other parts of the mesh base - such as engines, gas springs and electronics - have a 5 year warranty term.

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