Q. How do I choose my office chair?

A. There is no other better way than personally trying out some of the recommended chairs on display.One has to look for the necessary adjustment that the chair offers and check if these are suitable for supporting not only the back, but the whole body. A chair should be adjustable in seat / back / armrests.


Q. Is it possible to have an office chair fitted with castors  for parquet flooring?

A. Almost every chair has the possibility of having a choice of castors for tiled, carpetted of parquet flooring.


Q. What upholstery finsihes are the chairs available in?

A. Some chairs are available in leather , or leatherette while others are in fabric.


Q. What is the average weight that such office chairs can take?

A. The weight that most of the different model chairs can take is 110Kg., however it is also possible to cater for persons of heavier weights, not exceeding 150Kg.  


Q. What range of office chairs are available?

A. We offer a variety of office chairs ranging from operational, managerial , executive, boardroom and also visitors'.


Q. What is an ergonomic chair?

A. Ergonomic means supportive whilst having the right specifications. The more personal the chair can be adjusted, the more ergonomic it will be.

- The sole of the foot rests on the floor.
- The foot forms an angle of approximately 90° with the calf of the leg.
- The calf is approximately vertical.
- The calf forms an angle of approximately 90° with the thigh.
- The thigh is mainly horizontal.
- The thigh forms an angle of approximately 90° with the trunk.

- The trunk is upright.



Q. Can one opt to choose a different colour for particular chairs?

A.  It is possible to order your chair in a preferred colour, however in some case this will have to be ordered from our supplier specially as per ones request.


Q. What is the warranty on Leyform office chairs?

A. The Leyform's warranty: The high quality of the materials used on the Leyform seating collections and the several quality controls effected during the production process enable Leyform to grant a 5 year warranty for all mechanical parts of its products.