At Boris Arcidiacono we offer a selection of the latest design executive office chairs, but more important top quality ergonomic long hour seating.

Executive chairs are available in Leather , imitation leather and also fabric finish.

Some of the best selling executive chairs are the Zeus, Lido, Wave, Elegance and the Europa. For the over 110Kg. persons, we offer the heavy duty Non Stop, which is not only robust but very functional to meet ones needs.


Zeus, a seductive and elegant executive chair, like a thron thanks to its sculptural lines and its now new optional quilted cover. Synchronized tilt mechanism with anti-shock, 4 locking positions or free tilting, tension control, sliding seat (seat depth adjustment) with several locking positions. Polished aluminium base. Beechwood multilayer seat. Metal framed backrest Cold injected and fire retardant PU padding. Fully Padded armrests, elegant aluminium profile. Rubber castors, without central axle.The most personality-filled chair of our collection.


Lido, belongs to the higher level of seating. The quality and style is evident in the sartorial refinement, in the comfort, which is obvious at first sight, and in its advanced synchronised functions.This includes 160 mm off-centred synchronized seat/back tilt mechanism, locks in 5 positions. Anti-shock backrest. Adjustable tension control. Sliding seat (SLITTA ) , locks in 5 positions.


Wave, Style & class. The true strong point in executive seating. A concentrate of technique, aesthetic and productivity. Impossible to ignore it. The real protagonist of the workspace, nicely conceived and succesfull thanks to its timeless design.  Knee-tilt with 5 locking positions and individual tension control. Inner structure of beech plywood. Padding of cold injected and fire retardant urethane foam. Chromed steel armrests padded and upholstered. Polished aluminium base. Swelf-braking Nylon castors. Simply…unique.


Elegance, a classic taste in the contemporary lifestyle. Its upholtered armrest contrasting with the chome frame and its ergonomic backrest wavy on the top, make this chair so elegant and give refinement to workspace. Knee-Tilt mechanism with tension control and several locking positions. Single shelled structure is of beech plywood. Padding of expanded urethane foam. Polished aluminium armrests, padded and upholstered. Polished aluminium base. Nylon self-braking castors. Class & Style.


Europa, classic taste and functionality.  Synchronized tilt mechanism with tension control and infinite locking positions within the tilting range. The structure is of bent ply beechwood. The seat and back padding is of expanded polyurethane. The armrests are loopshaped with uph. Armpads or fully padded and upholstered for the «LUX». version. The base is of die-cast polished aluminium. The self-braking castors are of black nylon. This ergonomic and confortable chair combines an elegant design and the everyday functional needs.


Non Stop. This is the perfect chair to work and work… confortably. Strenght, functionality and comfort at all time, despite the intense use it is a robust and dynamic chair: Synchronized tilt mechanism + sliding seat, antishock device and individual tension control. Thick padding of expanded urethane foam. “Schukra” 4-way (in-out / up-down) lumbar support adjustment. 5-star polished aluminium base with nylon castors mm 65 Ø, 4-D adjustable armrests (height, depth, width and swivel).Non Stop 24H, a true workaholic. Why stop ?